Echocardiography Reporting
Build beautiful echocardiography structured reports in one minute that complies with all accrediting organization requirements. All of your reporting data is captured in a database allowing detailed data analysis and statistical information. You can't get those benefits outsourcing to transcription services where reports are typically stored in Word format. You won't have outdated reports with CardiacQA. We continually monitor the Cardiology industry for new report requirements and make the necessary changes and immediately upload, no cd will arrive in the mail for you to install, the changes will just show up like magic. You can fax your reports with the click of a button, without ever touching a fax machine; from your office, home, or anywhere you can access the internet. No more standing at your office fax machine, what a time saver! You can email your finalized reports in PDF format with the click of a button to referring physicians for import into their EMR systems.

1 Minute Report